3 Small Cap Chinese Stocks Ready To Explode Higher

Over the past few years accounting troubles and short-seller attacks have plagued a variety of Chinese companies causing a number of U.S.-listed Chinese stocks to plunge lower. In 2011 alone, there was more than 20 Chinese companies that were delisted or halted amid allegations of accounting fraud. Because of this investors have been hesitant to […]

Lot78 Inc. | LOTE stock setting up to crash

Lot78 Inc. (LOTE) has been one of the hottest penny stocks over the past month.

LOTE went from 0.80 cents per share back in March and jumped to over $18 per share yesterday. That’s a gain of over 2000%!

Lot78 trades over-the-counter under the ticker symbol LOTE. According to their website at www.lot78.com, they were established in 2008 as a luxury clothing brand. They say their collection can be found in the worlds most prestigious luxury retail outlets including Barney’s and Net-a-Porter.com worldwide as well as through the lot78 online store.

However, according to …

Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC) stock breakout

Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC) stock have been on fire the past week. Just a little over 10 days ago both stocks were trading for around .80 cents per share. Both stocks have more than doubled over the past 10 trading days on heavy volumes, adding to big gains posted in March after […]

XUII is Awesome Penny Stocks Newest Alert

XUII is AwesomePennyStocks.com newest pick.

XUII was first alerted to subscribers of AwesomePennyStocks.com’s premium newsletter at PremiumStockReport.com during the first 30 minutes of the trading session.

The stock had already run close 40% when the premium members first started getting the emails. XUII was then released to subscribers of AwesomePennyStocks.com and their affiliate sites a few hours later.

What’s interesting about XUII is that the stock is not a newly pumped stock. The stock has been pumped the past few weeks by Victory Mark Corp.

Fuse Science stock moves higher on news

Shares of Fuse Science, which trade over-the-counter under the ticker symbol DROP exploded higher today after they announced that they their products PowerFuse® and ElectroFuse® will now be sold at Walgreens. Initial product distribution began in mid-April at leading Walgreens locations near Augusta, Ga. The PowerFuse® and ElectroFuse® four-foot end aisle displays featured Tiger Woods […]

MusclePharm (MSLP): A Compelling Microcap Stock

If you watch the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and many of their exciting fights, then you’ve most likely noticed that neon green MP logo displayed on the mat and bumpers of the UFC Octagon for the past few years.

The company I’m talking about is MusclePharm (MSLP). For the last few years MusclePharm has been the Official Nutritional Supplement Provider of the UFC and they also sponsors some of the well-known UFC fighters and a variety of other popular athletes in the NFL and other sports as well.

For those not familiar with Muscle Pharm Corporation they are a nutritional supplement company and have become one of the fastest growing companies in the health and wellness industry.

Is This Stock the Next Awesome Penny Stocks Pick (pump)?

We all saw AwesomePennyStocks.com’s pump of GOFF come and go in a flash.

So, what’s next for AwesomePennyStocks? According to one of their recent newsletter emails, they plan on releasing their next pump within the next 10 days.

Which penny stock are they going to pump next?

I’ve come across a penny stock that sure fits the profile of an AwesomePennyStock pump job.

The stock I think that has the potential to become the next pump job is …

This Stock Looks Like it is Setting Up to be Promoted

Trading promoted stocks is a great way at making quick profits. And getting in BEFORE a stock pump happens can be even more profitable as you are able to get in before the rush of the crowd buys in. I recently stumbled across a stock that looks like it is setting up to be a […]

Arca Biopharma (ABIO) teams with medical giant Medtronic

Shares of ARCA biopharma Inc., which trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ABIO surged higher at 47.21% (+0.93) to close at 2.90 per share.

ABIO stock surged after an announcement that they are collaborating with medical-device maker Medtronic Inc. (MDT).

The two companies are partnering to study a drug for treating atrial fibrillation, a condition that causes abnormal heart rhythms.

The study will use Minnesota-based Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) technology to monitor atrial fibrillation in 200 patients enrolled in the trial …