RadioShack (RSH) Officially Becomes a Penny Stock

RadioShack’s (RSH) stock fell below a dollar per share on Friday for the first time in its history, as the troubled U.S. electronics chain continues to fight to save its business from bankruptcy. Early this month the company, whose market cap is now $9.8 million, compared with $9.87 billion for rival Best Buy (BBY), reported […]

The Top 3 Stock Brokers For Penny Stock Trading

There is no such thing as a “penny stock broker”, however, if your main style is trading in penny stocks then there are some online stock brokers out there that are more suited to that trading strategy. If you are looking to get into trading penny stocks, then here is my recommended list of the […]

Now is the Time to Get Started in Penny Stocks

With stock market gains moving at a snail’s pace over the past decade, some traders have started trading in the not-so-new darling of the trading world — penny stocks. Generally described by the Securities Exchange Commission as stocks that trade for less than $5, penny stock trading is not for the faint of heart and […]

3 Small Cap Chinese Stocks Ready To Explode Higher

Over the past few years accounting troubles and short-seller attacks have plagued a variety of Chinese companies causing a number of U.S.-listed Chinese stocks to plunge lower. In 2011 alone, there was more than 20 Chinese companies that were delisted or halted amid allegations of accounting fraud. Because of this investors have been hesitant to […]

Does Warren Buffett Buy Penny Stocks?

Warren Buffett is probably the best known investor in the history of investing. He is studied closely by many and he has many devotees who try to emulate him with varying degrees of success. What most people don’t realize though is that Warren Buffett has so many billions of dollars to manage and grow these […]

AwesomePennyStocks Shuts Down Shop

After a variety of failed pumps and the last couple of its promoted stocks (PWEI and PCWT) being suspended by the SEC, has seemed to close down for now. When visiting the site your are greeted with the following message: For the past couple of years has been considered the largest and most […]

How To Pick a Really Good Penny Stock

I’ve made a ton of profit trading penny stocks so it’s not surprising that my friends who know this often ask me, “How do you pick a good penny stock?” Before I answer this question for you, let me just say right up front that there are many gimmicks out there that I find simply […]

Plug Pulled on the XUII stock pump

The XUII stock promotion is all over. The pumping emails have stopped as and their affiliated websites have gone quiet. Also, the banner on their homepage that once said XUII is their monster pick, has been taken down from their website. XUII has been pumped since May 13th by Awesome Penny Stocks and was […]

Awesome Penny Stocks’s “B squad” Fails Miserably With New Pick

It is no secret that Victory Mark is affiliated with, if not most likely run by the same group of promoters as they both have promoted the same stock in the past. Victory Mark Corp. runs a handful of penny stock websites:,, and most likely a few more out there. Just […]

Lot78 Inc. | LOTE stock setting up to crash

Lot78 Inc. (LOTE) has been one of the hottest penny stocks over the past month.

LOTE went from 0.80 cents per share back in March and jumped to over $18 per share yesterday. That’s a gain of over 2000%!

Lot78 trades over-the-counter under the ticker symbol LOTE. According to their website at, they were established in 2008 as a luxury clothing brand. They say their collection can be found in the worlds most prestigious luxury retail outlets including Barney’s and worldwide as well as through the lot78 online store.

However, according to …