Review – Microcap Millionaires Penny Stock Picks

Having taken somewhat of a “leave” from penny stock picking a few people have asked if I can recommend another penny stock newsletter that provides profitable penny stock picks.

Good question. You definitely need to careful out there. Most so-called “penny stock newsletters” are nothing more than paid penny stock pumpers!!

But there are a handful of legit newsletters worth considering, one of which is Microcap Millionaires, run by penny stock picker extraordinaire Matt Morris :).

What I Like

He may have a cheesy website name but I assure Matt is the real deal. This guy has been trading penny stocks for over 10 years now and has built a small fortune doing so.

He now runs a membership site that provides his subscribers daily stock picks, typically either penny stocks or small caps. The stock picks are sent real-time via e-mail and twitter. One of the things I like about Matt’s service is Matt’s pleasant attitude. He always responds to any questions and genuinely wants to help others become better traders.

He supplies a decent penny stock trading course but what keeps most people subscribed to his service are the stock picks themselves, mainly because they are so damn consistent (as long as you follow his trading calls). He also lets you try it out for 2 full months without any risk so if you’re not 100% happy with the results you get a complete refund. Pretty sweet. So even if you don’t plan to stay subscribed at least get your 2 months of free picks! ^_^

A Few Words of Warning

Now though I really like Matt’s service, there are a few things I should forewarn you about. One is that some of the intro videos on his site come off as a little “Sales pitchy” for my taste. I understand why he does them like but just be prepared to roll your eyes a little -LOL-.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that to make money with his picks you gotta follow his advice! That may sound obvious but I’m serious. When he says “buy” you buy and when he says “sell”, you sell! No exceptions! Be disciplined and don’t let your emotions drive your trades. Don’t get greedy and try to hold his picks longer than his recommended exit point or you’ll very likely get burned. In other words, if you don’t intend on following his picks don’t waste your money subscribing to his service!

Lastly, a bit of advice, be sure to never use more 5% of your trading capital on any one stock pick, especially penny stocks due to their higher risk nature. Yes the majority of Matt’s picks are winners but you still need to spread the risk in case you get the odd dud among the gems.

In short, if you stay focused and follow his stock alerts with discipline, you’ll be surprised by the consistent profits you can make. Just don’t get greedy! 🙂   Click here to learn more about Microcap Millionaires.