Is Fuse Science a scam? – Fuse Science Review

Fuse Science have been using athletes such as Tiger Woods, Arian Foster, David Ortiz and many others to endorse the Fuse Science brand and products.

While there is nothing wrong with using celebrity endorsers, as it is a great way to get a brand out there.

A great example that helped a small company get some brand awareness is when Rap artist Curtis Jackson, known as 50 Cent, endorsed Vitamin Water early on when the company was unknown. As part of the endorsement deal, 50 Cent obtained a minority share of the company. The company went on to be very successful and is now owned by Coca-Cola.

Getting back to Fuse Science — So is Fuse Science really a scam? …

Fuse Science (Drop) – A Penny Stock to Consider Buying

Fuse Science (DROP) has a very interesting technology that has huge potential in the sports, nutrition and medical industry.

Fuse Science trades on the OTC Markets under the ticker symbol DROP.

FUSE Science is an up and coming company that has developed a product where you can get all day energy with just a single drop (hence the ticker symbol DROP).

This breakthrough technology not only works in Energy supplements, but is also able to deliver Nutrition, Medication, Skin Care and an endless number of other products with faster absorption, quicker results and better efficacy.

Their breakthrough technology also has the potential to revolutionize the medical industry …